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Jesus said to the centurion. “Go! It will be done just as you believed it would.” And his servant was healed at that very hour. (Bible Matthew 8:13)

Haruki Murakami wrote in the last sentence of “Killing Commendatore” published in 2013, ” You should believe it .” The main character knows that he has the “power to believe” that there is something to guide him. And that power of belief will restore the life of the main character.

Haruki Murakami previously wrote in a magazine that his goal is to write a comprehensive novel like Dostoevsky. The characteristic of Haruki Murakami literature is that through something like the “emergency staircase” that appears in “1Q84”, the main characters go to a world completely different from the world in which they are currently living, and there are various unusual things. I think it’s in the story structure of experiencing and returning to the real world. In “Killing Commendatore”, the “hole” on the atelier’s premises is a circuit that connects reality and unreality, and the real world and another world.

The story begins when “I”, the portrait painter of the main character, discovers a Japanese painting titled “Killing Commendatore”. This work consists of two parts, one part is for ideas and the other is for metaphors, so the words idea and metaphor are the key concepts in understanding this work. The unreal world that connects with reality through the “hole” and the extraordinary world that connects with everyday life are the worlds of ideas and metaphors. Idea is Plato’s philosophy, which is an immaterial, absolute eternal reality that transcends time and space, but in modern times it has come to be used as an idea. On the other hand, metaphors are likened to reminiscence.

Haruki Murakami thinks that a vague idea can only be understood through a metaphor, and can only be expressed through a metaphor. I was wondering why Haruki Murakami used a similar narrative pattern for a long time, but he sought to launch another new reality in this real world. This time I came up with the idea that I might be pursuing it. Through parables(metaphor), Jesus often talked about the eternal world and the invisible world (idea) that are difficult to capture.

I feel the power to heal people in the story (narrative) created by Haruki Murakami. I hope he will win the Nobel Prize in Literature in the near.

Well, if we cannot believe in our daily lives, it will be difficult for us to live. For example, most people believe in airplanes. Many of us don’t know or understand how airplanes work and why they can fly, but we believe. That’s why we can ride with our own life. We don’t have to understand everything to believe.

The centurion (ancient Roman army, captain of a hundred-member unit, one corps of 6,000 and divided into sixty hundred-members) went to plead with Jesus for his servant who is sick and suffering severely.. The servant’s illness was a paralysis. Jesus tried to go to his servant, but the centurion said to him. ” Lord, I am not qualified to put you under my roof. Just give me the Word, and my servant will heal. ” (Matthew 8: 8).

Jesus praises his faith. ” I have never seen such a faith in any of Israel. ” (Matthew 8:10) The amazing faith of this centurion heals his servant.  Jesus said to the centurion, “Go home, do what you believed.” The literal translation of the original Greek is “as you believe it to happen to you.” He had absolute confidence in what Jesus said. He truly believed in Jesus. It is Jesus who heals, but his faith has drawn healing power from Jesus. Believing is power. This is what the Bible says to the Hebrews 11: 1. Faith guarantees what you want and convinces you of what you cannot see.

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