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We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. (Bible NIV Isaiah 53: 6)

Musician Handel (1685–1759) composed “Messiah”. He is from Germany and was born in the same year as Bach. He is a composer who has been active in England for many years after his success in Italy and has been naturalized in England. Messiah means Christ (Savior), he wrote this song when he was 56 years old. It was the hardest and most painful time of his life.

At that time he was almost paralyzed on his right side due to a stroke. And Queen Caroline, the greatest comprehension and supporter, died. He lost his health, lost his financial base, and was at the bottom of his disappointment.

But at that time, Handel saw what was left of him, not what he had lost. It is faith in Jesus Christ. He began to read the Bible, saying that he had this faith. As he read, some parts of the Bible caught his heart. It is Isaiah chapter 53 of the Old Testament.

Isaiah is a prophet 700 years before Jesus was born. 700 years before Jesus was born, he prophesied that “the Savior will be born soon, and that Savior (Messiah) will live such a life.” That is written in chapter 53 of Isaiah. Handel received great inspiration from God as he read that passage.

As he read chapter 53 of Isaiah over and over again, “Oh, yes, the Lord loved me this way,” the love and faith in Jesus Christ burned in Handel’s heart he has come. He expressed this faith in Christ in music.

Handel describes that time as follows. “I think heaven was opened in front of me and I saw the glory of God Himself. This music was heard from heaven, not from within me.” He worked hard to write down the songs given by heaven on the music. The score for this masterpiece was written in just 24 days from August 22nd to September 14th, 1741.

He grabbed the pen in a room in a poor apartment and wrote this “Messiah” all at once. The first part is the prophecy and birth of the Messiah & the mission of the Messiah, the second part is the Passion and Resurrection of the Messiah & the propagation of the teachings of the Messiah, and the third part is the salvation & eternal life brought by the Messiah. It has a magnificent composition. It is a well-known religious work along with Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.

When this Messiah was first performed in London in 1743, King George II stood up at the final song Hallelujah Chorus in the second part, overwhelmed by its power and beauty! It is from this anecdote that the audience stands up with “Halelujah Chorus” at a Japanese concert. When I went to listen to Handel’s Messiah, I stood up with a large audience!

Below are the lyrics of the Hallelujah chorus.

For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth,
(Revelation XIX 6)

The Kingdom of this world is become 
the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ,  
and He shall reign for ever and ever, 
(Revelation XI 15)

King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, 
(Revelation XIX 16)
and He shall reign for ever and ever, 

Handel’s “Messiah,” famous for “Hallelujah Chorus,” is an oratorio (a large-scale song composed of solo, chorus, and orchestra based on religious themes). where you can experience the contents of the New Testament in a digest. It is a very popular work from the time of its announcement to the present. The prophecy of Isaiah, the resurrection from the birth of the Savior Jesus, and the finale in honor of the victory and glory of the kingdom of God, will often be performed during the Christmas season.

The Savior Jesus Christ, who is still alive, gave Handel power and life to stand up in a depressed and desperate situation. That’s because Handel looked up at Jesus Christ. Are you feel that all sides are blocked? The heavens are open, even if they are blocked in all directions. Keep an eye on what you have left now, not what you lost like Handel. Then look up, trust in God, and pray. I believe that blessings from heaven will be poured.

Below is the performance of Handel’s Messiah (Hallelujah chorus is from 1 hour 36 minutes to 39 minutes 30 seconds)

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I used to be a pastor in the metropolitan area for 10 years, but now I am a pastor at a local Christian church. I also run a travel agency and an agricultural cooperative. I myself have been empowered by various words, and I would like to convey hopeful words.

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