To satisfy your thirst 

Our hearts cannot be at ease until we rest in you (Jesus).
Confessions "by Augustine

This sentence is the word of Augustine, who is said to be the greatest theologian of ancient times.

There is thirst in the human mind. Humans try to quench their thirst, but the various things in the world do not satisfy our thirst, but rather add to our thirst.

German philosopher Schopenhauer said, “Wealth is like sea water. The more you drink it, the more thirsty you become.”

People who drink alcohol will want to drink the more they drink. If you indulge in pleasure, you will be able to indulge in more pleasure. The higher the position, the higher the price, the larger the business, the bigger the business, and the more people who have a lot of money. What the world gives will only deepen your thirst and make you feel dissatisfied, but it will not quench your thirst.

Single people think that getting married will satisfy their thirst, but getting married and getting happiness will not satisfy their thirst. Then I think that if a child is given, it will be satisfied. But while giving a child is a wonderful blessing, thirst will not be satisfied. If you get a good job, get rich, become a celebrity, your thirst will be satisfied, it’s not.

So how do you quench and satisfy your thirst?

Augustine, who wrote the above sentence, did his best to be prodigal and indulged in pleasure in his youth. But his heart was never satisfied. Full of emptiness and anguish, he was desperate for life. But at the age of 31, a turning point in his life came.

He read the Bible. The words of the Bible gave him hope and peace. That word is Romans 13:13, 14.

Let’s live the right way of life like daytime, not the life of entertainment, drunkenness, nasty, amorousness, conflict, and jealousy. Wear the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not use your heart for the lust of the flesh.

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埼玉県で10年間&北海道で10年間牧師の働きをしました。現在は神奈川県の教会で協力牧師をしています。私自身が様々なことば(特に聖書のことば)で力づけられてきたので、希望に満ちたことばをお伝えしたいと願っています。I used to be a pastor in Saitama prefecture for 10 years and Hokkaido for 10 years. Now I am a cooperating pastor in Kanagawa prefecture. I myself have been empowered by various words(especially Bible ), so I would like to tell the hopeful words.