Fallen Angel Lucifer’s Rebellion

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Did the devil exist from the beginning? Did God create the devil? British writer Milton brilliantly portrays the rebellion of the devil, the fall of the devil, the revenge of the devil, and the fall of man in the epic “Paradise Lost.” The same British writer, CS Lewis, wrote: ” Human beings can fall into two errors with respect to the devil. Two are in the opposite direction, but they are just as wrong: one is not believing in the existence of the devil, and the other is doing this. Believe it and feel excessive and unhealthy interest. The devils are just as pleased with the two. “(” Devil’s Letter “)

Let’s see how the Bible writes about the devil.

God created angels before He created heavens and earth (in the beginning, God created heavens and earth; Genesis 1: 1). It can be seen from the fact that God is pleased with the work of creation with the angel after the Creation. The Bible’s words on which it is based appear in Job 38: 7. It is written like this. At that time, the stars at dawn sang with joy, and all the children of God shouted with joy.  The context here is Creation, and the stars and the Son of God here represent angels.

God existed before the creation of angels and heaven and earth. Genesis 1: 1 is the first in the Bible’s order, but not the first in the order in which it happened. John 1: 1 precedes Genesis 1: 1 in chronological order. It is written like this. At the beginning, there was a Word. The Word was with God. The Word was God (John 1: 1).  Before the creation of heaven and earth, there was Word. This is Jesus Christ. First there was God, there was Jesus Christ, there was the Holy Spirit. The Trinity God has been around for eternity without the beginning.

This is what Isaiah 66:22 says. ” May the new heaven and the new earth that I make continue before me forever. ” And Revelation 21: 1 says, ” I also saw the new heaven and the new earth. The old heaven and the former, the land is gone and there is no sea anymore. ” God promises that the present world will eventually perish and that a new heaven and earth will be newly created by God. This is an endless eternal world. In other words, the Bible is the Word of God that describes from eternity without beginning to eternity without end. Only the eternal God knows eternity in the true sense of the word.

God created angels like humans as free will. Let’s first look at the Old Testament prophecies. A depiction of an angel appears at Ezekiel 28: 11-19. This passage continues to talk about King Tire, but I believe it also talks about the fall of angels. Verse 12 says, ” You were the epitome of perfection. It was full of wisdom and the height of beauty .” The angel was a very beautiful being. In verse thirteen, ” You were in Eden, the Garden of God, and every gem covered you. Red agate, topaz, diamonds, beryl, agate, jasper, sapphire, Turkish ball, emerald. With your tambalin. The agates were made of gold, and they were trimmed on the day you were made. “

The Eden that appears here is different from the Eden in Genesis. Eden here shows the garden of God, the dwelling of God in heaven. Jewels and gold glorify God. This angel had something amazing. Verse 14 says, ” I have appointed you as the anointed guardian cherubim ”  Angels have a class. The order is cherubim, seraphim, archangel, and angels. This angel belonged to the highest cherubim angel. It is written that it was anointed in the cherubim, so it seems that he was appointed to the task of guiding the cherubims and worshiping God.

Verse 15 says, ” Your deeds were perfect from the day you were created until you found injustice. ” This angel was a perfect being. Until the injustice is found. The word “until” refers to a long period of time. God created the cherub (the singular form of the cherubim). However, fraud has occurred. This angel rebelled against God, fell, and fell into the devil.

Let’s look at verse 16. ” Therefore, I made you unclean and expelled you from the mountain of God, and the guardian cherub made you disappear from between the stones of fire. ” “Dirty” can also be translated as “stepping over.” It means that he has exceeded his original position as an angel. God expelled this angel from his dwelling and seized control of it.

Next is verse 17. ” Your heart was proud of your beauty, and your wisdom was rotten because of its brilliance, so I threw you to the earth and showed it to the kings. ” This angel himself Because of her beauty and brilliance, he has crossed the border with God, which must not be crossed. As a result, God threw him from heaven to earth.

There is also a description in Isaiah chapter 14 that an angel has fallen into a devil. This can also be seen as a description of King Babylon, but I believe that it has a deeper meaning and reveals the rebellion of angels as well as King Babylon. First is verse 12. ” Lucifer, the Son of the Dawn. Why did you fall from heaven? ” “The morning star” is the “dawn star” in Job 38: 7, that points to the angel.  Next are verses 13 and 14. You said in your heart. “I will go up to heaven. Raise my throne far above the stars of God and sit on the mountain of meetings at the northern end. Climb to the top of the dense clouds and become like the highest. 

This angel was of the highest rank than any of the angels. I think Lucifer was originally one of the cherubims. He became unsatisfied with that position. And finally, He’ve exceeded his share. He tried to be equal to God. No, he probably tried to go beyond God. What happened as a result? In verse fifteen: ” But you are brought down to the grave, to the depths of the pit. ” This angel was so proud that he was judged by God. Because he rebelled against God, he was dropped from heaven and became a devil.

This is the origin of the devil. At first, God created only good things. Nothing bad was created. However, God did not create robot-like beings that absolutely obeyed God, but gave them free will. Using the free will given to him, an angel who was proud and beyond his own rebellion against God, was dropped from heaven, and became a devil as a fallen angel.

Next, let’s look at the New Testament. It is written in Judas verse six as follows. The Lord confined the angels, who did not protect their territory and abandoned their place, in the darkness with eternal bondage for the judgment of the great day.

A battle broke out in heaven. It is a battle between light and darkness, good and evil. At this time, all the angels were forced to make a decision. Either they will be attached to God or you will be attached to an angel who is rebelling against God. Perhaps one-third of the angels were attached to the angel who rebelled against God (later the devil, Satan, Lucifer). As it is written in Revelation 12: 3, 4 that the tail of the red dragon (symbol of the devil) attracted one-third of the heavenly star (angel). Look. It is a big red dragon. The tail attracted one-third of the heavenly stars (Revelation 12: 3, 4) The fallen angels dropped by God became demons, and the fallen angels on the devil’s side became demons. is. The original text here uses the past tense, so it can be said to be a reproduction of what has already happened in the past.

It was Archangel Michael who fought against Lucifer. Michael is an angel for battle. A battle broke out in heaven, and Michael and his angels fought the dragon. So the dragon and his messengers responded, but couldn’t win, and there was no longer a place for them in heaven. (Revelation 12: 7, 8) It is often said in the composition of God vs. Devil (Lucifer), Angel vs. Evil Spirit (Fallen angels), but God is exceptional and does not become God vs. Devil. Archangel Michael is enough to confront Lucifer.

” Archangel Michael Dropping a Fallen Angel into the Abyss” Luca Giordano                         Museum of Art History (Vienna) / 1655

The apostle Peter writes. God did not forgive the sinful angels and handed them over to hell, trapping them in a hole of darkness until the time of judgment. (2 Peter 2: 4) However, the devil has not yet been thrown into the pond of fire and sulfur (Revelation chapter 20). The devil and demons are still allowed by God to work on this earth.

Finally, let’s look at the Book of Genesis. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1: 1) God created the perfect world. However, looking at Genesis 1: 2, the earth was nothing as a vague. The darkness was on the great water, and the spirit of God was moving on the water.   The situation has changed completely. It is written in verse two that the land that was supposed to be perfect was nothing but vague.

There is one general idea, myth, between Christians and the church. That is, Genesis 1: 1 is a summary of Creation, and the contents of verse 1 are explained in detail in verses 2 and below. The “earth” in verse 2 receives the “earth” in “heaven and earth” in verse 1, and concretely describes the creation of the earth in verses 2-31, and the whole creation that is comprehensively mentioned in verse 1. It Is explained concretely again in verse2 and below. In fact, it is explained in the note part of the new translation Bible (chain type) that I use.

But I don’t think that a vague, vain, rambling, unclear, confused, chaotic state is not the result of God’s creation. It is written in Isaiah 45:18 as follows. The one who created the heavens, that is, the God, the one who shaped the earth and finished it, that is, the one who stood it firmly, the one who did not create it in a vague one, but shaped it in the dwelling of people. Indeed, this Lord says: “I am the Lord. There is no other.” It is written that the God who created the heavens and the earth did not create the heavens and the earth in a vague one.

Did God create a chaotic world? I don’t think so. In the beginning God created the perfect heaven and earth. But something happened between verses 1 and 2. The English Bible {NIV Translation (New International Version)} says: 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was (became) formless and empty ~ The word “Now” is placed before the sentence “There was nothing as the earth was vague” in verse 2. In the original Hebrew language, the conjunction “wa” is placed. It can be seen that the content of one verse changes rather than the content of one verse continues. And it is noted in the NIV Bible note that it can be translated as “became” instead of “was” ). In other words, I think it is more appropriate to translate verses 1 and 2 in this way. “In the beginning, God created the perfect heaven and earth. Well (but) the earth has become vague and empty and chaotic.”

So what happened between verses 1 and 2? There was the fall of the angel, the appearance of Satan. God created the spiritual world before creating the heavens and the earth (material world). The creation of angels. They lived in “Eden, the Garden of God” (Ezekiel 28:13), where God and angels lived, not in Eden, where the first humans Adam and Eve lived, and praised God. Probably. Even when the heavens and the earth were created, a praise rally was held by many angels (Job 38: 7). I think that God was not satisfied when He created Eden, the garden of God, and lived in the praise of angels. Therefore, human beings were created as special beings loved by God, and it was planned to make them live in the earth. But before humans were created, the fall of angels caused them to fall into Devil and evil spirits, and as a result, the earth was cursed.

In Genesis chapter 3, a snake, or devil, appears. The devil does not appear directly in Genesis chapters 1 and 2. Therefore, I think that it is inevitable from the whole Bible to think that an angel was created somewhere in Chapters 1 and 2 and that angel fell into a devil. The Bible is a book that cannot be interpreted without the existence of angels, devil, and demons. It is my position that the creation of the angel occurred before Genesis 1: 1 and the fall of the angel occurred after Genesis 1: 1. As a result, the darkness was covered and the heavens and the earth could not be regenerated by themselves.

There was darkness and the earth was in a desperate situation. However, the work of God’s recovery begins. That is the work of the Holy Spirit, the spirit of God. The darkness was on the great water, and the spirit of God was moving on the water. (Genesis 1: 2) . The Holy Spirit was involved with God the Father and Jesus Christ in the work of Creation. The Holy Spirit gives us hope. Hope in Jesus Christ. The ultimate hope lies in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Millennial Kingdom (Revelation chapter 20), and the New Heaven and Earth (Revelation chapter 21 and 22). The Millennial Kingdom is the restoration of the world of creation cursed by Adam’s sin. New Heaven and Earth is the restoration of the heavens and the earth cursed by the fall of Satan.

In this era, the nations are covered with darkness. When you look at the situation around us, you may feel disappointed and in some cases desperate. Where is your hope? There is hope in the work of the Holy Spirit. Our situation may be chaotic. Our minds can be confusing. But the Holy Spirit is working. The Holy Spirit gives order and stability to our situation and our hearts.

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